Minimalist set-up, maximal force: Detroit's JUNGLEFOWL raise a might ruckus despite being just a duo.


Springing forth from the finest influences in art-pop, the indie-rock avant-garde, post-punk, neo-folk and a bit of straight-up sludgy psychedelia, Melissa Coppola (drums/vocals) and Stefan Carr (guitars/fuzz) have found a balance of the touch and the delicate, the confrontational yet confessional, the whiplash velocity and the earworm melody...


Most importantly, JUNGLEFOWL never lose themselves in the distortion crescendos nor do they grind a garage-rock axe too insistently; part of the next generation of Detroit's indie music scene, they're blending an amalgam of flavors, fusing faintly-danceable groove to a fierce melee of fuzz.


JUNGLEFOWL's aptly titled debut E.P. Strut, is imbued with a catchy kind of pluck and pugilistic swagger (in the form of buzzy riffs and aerobic drum kicks.) But there's too much charisma in these tight tunes to consider it merely garage or punk, even if they are bringing a bit of that ferocity. Instead, Coppola's heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics, her sweetly-toned balladeer voice and the bolstering vibrancy of Carr's guitar speak to the scrapper side of our spirit that arches toward something stronger inside of us, with vocals of vulnerability empowered by the thrust of a sublime kind of stomp-rock, it's a cooler, confidence-inducing kind of headbanging affair.

"Flexed and fierce through the verses, unhinged and exhilarating in the choruses, this Ypsilanti duo really only needs its drums, guitars and vocals (along with those fiery fuzz pedals) to effect an awesome blend of indie-pop melody and sinister shreds of garage rock."

- Detroit Free Press